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Reduce emissions in a cost-efficient way

solumar - Reduce emissions in a cost-efficient way
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Help our Planet Restore

solumar - Help our Planet Restore
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Stop Ice Caps melting

Capture and Reduce Black Carbon emissions 

solumar - Stop Ice Caps melting
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Sell. Reuse the Black Carbon as a byproduct 

solumar Sell. Reuse the Black Carbon as a byproduct

Deep-tech solutions for Industrial, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Construction, Pharma, Chemicals, and other industries to solve the problem of Emissions with low CAPEX and OPEX close to zero.

Captures multiple
pollutants combined

The technology is designed modular, to capture: particles incl. Black Carbon, Ash, (ePM1-coarse) VOC's and Gases combined.


The technology efficiently works with
low energy consumption, uses tap or
sea water only, no grid system inside, no
expensive consumables. Designed as
close loop, fully automated it has low maintenance cost.


Designed by Aviation engineers as one compact body, each of the components is perfectly matched and every function complements the rest. We custom designed the unit for you, to save you hundreds of thousands in infrastructural modifications.


The design and the construction of every unit is fully customized to meet your needs in size, placement and integration parameters.
No need to redesign the current infrastructure.

Retrofittable to any equipment

The technology is any size scalable, retrofittable to any equipment such as: HVAC systems, chimney, diesel generator, tugboats, push boats, emergency boats, RTG cranes, heavy machineries, cargo, ferry, cruise, fishery, tankers.

Return, reuse, resell byproducts

We capture the pollutant, and if the pollutant could be reused or resold, we will returned it back to you. This could be Black carbon, CO2, precious metals, high value chemical powder and more.

Technology Applications







oil and gas

Oil & Gas



power plants

Power plants

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livestock farm

Livestock farm



Recognitions & Supporters

women in tech

Winners of Women in Tech, powered by Standard Chartered Bank

recognition winners taqadam

Winners of Taqadam, powered by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

make it

Winners of Make it in the Emirates, powered by Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology

recognition AD

Speakers of Innovation in action across, powered by AD Ports Group

recognition masdar

Winners of Masdar, powered by Mubadala Investment Company

recognition c3

Winners of C3 Impact Program, powered by Emirates Global Aluminium

recognition MENA

Supported by the European Union, the MENA Maritime Accelerator (previously Maritime ClimAccelerator), support startups through its vast network of collaborators offers funding, training, peer to peer coaching and theme-specific mentoring (both virtually and in-person).

Awarded first prize for Product Innovation for 2023 by Forbes
recognition CLIMATE COLLective

Climate-KIC initiative co-funded by the European Union supports the winning startups of Climate Launchpad, powered by Climate Collective and European Union led by its motto that states ‘Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time.’ leverage deep-technologies and its measurable impact on the land and environment

recognition oslo

Winners of Oslo Innovation Week, powered by Nordic companies focused on sustainable, impact and climate entrepreneurship

recognition mohammeed bin rashid

Winners of Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

recognition abu dhabi

Winners of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, powered by Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

recognition cnn

CNN International - Solumar

recognition pwc

Top 50 future companies, powered by Price waterhouse Coopers

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