Our Purpose

Inspiring Change, One Breath at a Time:

At Solumar, we are driven by a purpose to revolutionize the way we address air and gas emissions.

Our innovative technology not only reduces pollution but also empowers industries to thrive responsibly by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital and operational expenses.

Together with you, we are creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world, where environmental stewardship and economic prosperity go hand in hand.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against air pollution and forge a path toward cleaner air for future generations.

Our Mission

Provide a cost-efficient technology
to directly cut emissions from source

Enabling global organizations to address climate change, their impact on the environment and human health by reducing harmful emissions such as Mechanical pollutants, Black Carbon, VOC and Greenhouse gases - thus protect human health and preserve the nature.

Our Vision

Enable the quickest transition
towards Maritime net-zero goals

Creating a net zero increase in Maritime emissions every year and enabling the IMO 2050
target to be reached in a cost-efficient way by becoming preferred supplier of air and gas filtering technologies for every Industrial, Oil & Gas and
Maritime company in the world.

We need a novel direct emissions reduction technology as this is proven to be the best way to:


92-99% Black carbon and GHG emissions

to stop the raising temperatures and keep the current threshold of 1,5°C


92-99% Black carbon and GHG emissions

reduction by 2030 to quickly slow-down and prevent ice caps melting


92-99% Black carbon and GHG emissions

reduction by 2050 to keep and not exceed the current 30 centimeters water raise

Our values