solumar technology

What we do?

Solumar provides a novel Exhaust gas filtering technology that cuts 92-99% of all emissions (PM, VOCs, GHG) combined, with a single compact unit, retrofittable to any emitting source, no matter the size, type, and nominal airflow.

Inspired by science used in Aviation such as turbulent air flows, fluid dynamics, water atomization, water declustering, new low-energy plasma vortexes and boundary layer management, our Engineering team combined in unique ways diverse methods to bring that solution to life and serve the business needs and sustainability goals.

The technology working principle for VOC and Gases capturing is based on a dry 3D nanoparticle structure and a low energy-consuming new type of plasma vortexes, functioning in tandem with mirror-charged virtual particles.

The hardware technologies embedded into the product are based on a unique combination of consecutive air, water, and energy vortexes, and a molecule cage with nano-material coating for capturing the gases and chemical molecules.

To optimize the CAPEX costs, the product is designed modular. Its basic module captures 99% of all mechanical particles including Black Carbon and ash in which aero and fluid dynamics are combined with a static turbine head inspired by the Aircraft engine design. When needed, additional modules are placed on a plug-play principle for either Gases, Smoke, Odors, or VOC, or alternatively all of the modules are placed consecutively to serve as one multipurpose solution.

It is the only solution on the market able to collect Black Carbon and CO2 simultaneously.

Mission & Vision

A cleaner, sustainable world through advanced air and gas filtering technology.


Our technology

Revolutionize emissions reduction with innovative, cost-effective solutions for a greener future.